CSO Visit in Colombo Successfully Concluded

On the last week of November, AFRIEL selected 36 members for two days Colombo visit. These youths had a great time learning human rights and good governance and exchanging the views of the variety of social issues with Transparency International Sri Lanka (TI) experts and Centre for Human Rights and Development (CHRD) senior lawyers in Colombo.

On the path toward to be professional election watches and anti-corruption guardians, AFRIEL 36 youth members visited TISL in the morning on 26th November, 2013.

TISL gave an outstanding briefing on the bribery and corrupting situation in Sri Lanka. Numerous governmental institutes and officials involving in corruption cases been indicated during the speech. AFRIEL youth members received a good practical guidance on good governance and anti-corruption from TISL and shared the current political situation in the North with the TISL experts.

The biggest obstacle to promote the development of the North currently is that the people do not have enough resources and knowledge, especially the knowledge of law, to confront the powerful others and solve their own legal problems. Regarding this matter, AFRIEL arranged a meeting on November 27th 2013 with CHRD senior lawyers.

CHRD collect the distinguished lawyers who have bravely assisted people in the North of many untouchable cases. The discussion on the human rights and legal situation and youth responsibilities for human rights protection with CHRD lawyers provided a new hope for the youth in the North.

The Colombo visit was fruitful and prosperous. We are pleased to see this positive feedback loop be built between the AFRIEL youth members, TISL and CHRD through the visit and discussion, and we hope to bring more opportunities for the Northern youth to broaden knowledge and experiences in the next year.