Kilinochchi Youth Centre: Hug Education Hub (HEH)

The Kilinochchi Youth Center, which named Hug Education Hub (HEH), is well functioning. HEH Classes opened on 11th December, 2013. 19 children from Kilinochchi attended the opening programmes. They received the gift contains notebooks, pencils, erasers, and sharpeners and enjoyed various HEH activities, including painting, cooking, and performing programme. We are dedicating to providing village children a better educational environment. Without corporal punishment and cramming, they can learn more in an effective way through their inherent talents.

In addition to the Language Training, Extra Class, and Evening Class for the residents, professional support for the youth club member of each District in the North is also provided at the Kilinochchi Youth Centre. The legal unit with lawyer(s) offering counseling and supports for youth to increase the legal literacy and make them aware of the legal procedure more easily, enabling them to solve daily problems through legal approaches.

Furthermore, considering stable family units and friendship networks are hardly to find in the North owing to the war, we operate youth counseling in the Kilinochchi Youth Centre, hoping the center could play a role as a harbor for the Northern young people to find a strong helper dealing with the livelihood issues. Side events, such as cultural studies, creative inspiration activities, and film appreciation and review, will be conducted at the centers as the youth needs.

Kilinochchi Youth Centre equipped facilities including bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen for AFRIEL youth members and visitors. We welcome everyone comes to the Northern Province to have a nice rest in Kilinochchi town and give us your valuable advice and support for the programmes of the Youth Center with a reasonable price (Rs. 500 for our members and Rs. 1000 for visitors).

AFRIEL is trying to expand the Youth Centre in the other District. We are pleased to share with you Pudukuduirippu Youth Center in Mullaitivuis going to open on 1st January, 2014. Our members from Pudhumathalan, where the area suffering from electricity vacancy, has already prepared a free land for starting an AFRIEL Youth Club. Though some of areas still waiting for external assistance to operate youth center, they are very much motivated toward this goal. We are expecting your support on constructing a simple building or providing your second hand furniture, assisting the Northern youth to create an opportunity for a learning environment.